Cover of Pandeiro Basics, Volume 1 — Brazilian Rhythms: Choro, Samba, Baião, and MoreNow available: Pandeiro Basics, Volume 1, by Ami Molinelli

This book offers a beginning guide to rhythms for pandeiro, plus stylistic descriptions about maxixe, choro, samba, baião, and more. Ami is proud to offer the context for each rhythm, just like the História do Choro album with Rogerio Souza and Edinho Gerber of Duo Violão.

This book offers technique and rhythm to get you started, listening ideas, and why and when you would use the pattern in choro, samba or northeastern music.

Order your copy today! $15 for a digital copy (PDF) emailed to you, or physical copies mailed for $20. Contact Ami by email, or you can send a payment on Venmo to @Ami-Molinelli.