Ami Molinelli has become a virtuoso on all manner of percussion instruments including the brazilian tambourine called the pandeiro

Reese Erlich –NPR – California Report

Ami Molinelli’s eclectic percussion on this recording is a rare treat.

Here is a chance to hear some very unusual percussive instruments with all their piquant qualities. Here is the Pandeiro, (resembling a tambourine but differing in that it can be tuned and also has cupped metal jangles), and the Zabumba, a Brazilian bass drum. Molinelli’s stunning opening solo on “Deixa O Breque” will bring this challenge of skins and bells to your system in all of their grandeur and finery. The recording quality here beautifully reveals the twinkles and sparkles, (as well as the deep contoured sounds), of these unusual percussive sources.

By Nelson Brill –  The Stereo Times 


It was the enchanting percussion intro on “Deixa O Breque“, & the totally enchanting full-tilt spirit of freedom that made my pick as favorite, but all ten songs display high energy talent! 

Dick Metcalf – Zzaj Productions