Press Kit – A História do Choro


Duo Violão plus 1 began as an organic extension of Duo Violão, the duo project of Brazilian guitarists Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber. During their first visit to the Bay Area in 2015, they met percussionist Ami Molinelli and the musical connection was immediate. Over the following years, they travelled up and down the West Coast, performing and developing a unique sound while navigating the rhythms, styles, and sub-genres of Choro music.  In 2018, their hard work paid off as Ami Molinelli received an IAC grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission for their collaboration. The result is “A História do Choro”, a survey of the musical history and evolution of Brasil’s greatest art form that reveals its rhythmic and harmonic permutations. It creates a unique musical statement, coherent in timbre and vision, marvelously varied in its nuances.


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Press Release

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Supporting Sponsor

This project was made possible by a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission.