I’m assisting Rogerio Souza organize an intimate trip to Brasil next year (2021) to study choro and samba with the legends and keepers of this wonderful music… see below for the list of instructors, and itinerary!

If you would like to know more please let me know!

Choro & Samba Intensive in Niterói, RJ, with Rogério Souza, Ronaldo do Bandolim, and Friends

February 2021

In the beachfront downtown area of Icaraí across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, this intensive will explore the history and rhythmic structures of choro and samba, technical and melodic aspects of each instrument, and a vast repertory of choro and samba divided into four custom books made especially for the intensive. The faculty consists of renowned choro and samba specialists, including Ronaldo do Bandolim of Época de Ouro and Trio Madeira, Rogério Souza (violão 6/7 cordas) of Nó em Pingo d’Água and Duo Violão, Fernando Brandão (cavaquinho), and others as well as participation by special guests Silvério Pontes (trumpet), Marcelo Martins (flute/sax), Everson Moraes (trombone) and others.

For more information, contact Ami!